• Python 3 (minimum supported version is 3.6)

  • MariaDB Server (>= 10.2) or MySQL Server (>= 5.7)

  • MariaDB Connector/C

Build prerequisites

The following build prerequisites are required to install or build MariaDB Connector/Python. For Windows operating platforms the download page provides binary versions.

  • C compiler

  • Python development files (Usually they are installed with package python-dev). The minimum supported version of Python is 3.6

  • MariaDB Connector/C libraries and header files (Either from MariaDB server package or from MariaDB Connector/C package). Minimum required version for MariaDB Connector/Python < 1.1.0 is 3.1.5, for later versions 3.2.4.

  • For Posix systems: TLS libraries, e.g. GnuTLS or OpenSSL (default)

On Posix systems make sure that the path environment variable contains the directory which contains the mariadb_config utility.

Once everything is in place, run

$ pip3 install mariadb

or if you downloaded the source package

$ python build
$ python install

Binary installation

MariaDB Connector/Python is also available from PyPi as wheel packages for Windows. These binary packages are not intended for production use, since there might be several limitations and bottlenecks, e.g.:

  • Dynamic MariaDB plugins (e.g. authentication plugins) are not part of the package and must be installed separately by installing MariaDB Connector/C or MariaDB Server package.

Make sure you have an up to date version of pip and install it with

$ pip3 install mariadb

Test suite

If you have installed the sources, after successful build you can run the test suite from the source directory.

$ python -m unittest discover -v

You can configure the connection parameters by using the following environment variables

  • TEST_USER (default root)


  • TEST_DATABASE (default ‘testp’)

  • TEST_HOST (default ‘localhost’)

  • TEST_PORT (default 3306)